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New Construction Air Sealing

We have a client who is in the process of adding a few thousand square feet to his home in Olympia. As with much of the new construction, air sealing and efficiency often take a back seat to production.

Our previous work with this homeowner inspired him bring us in to make this new addition as energy efficient as the rest of the home. This is a special project for us because we usually get the call to to seal the air leaks of existing construction, but this opportunity has us creating custom new construction solutions on both the interior and exterior of the addition.

We are really excited to be utilizing a special polymer based coating  for joints and window sealing and are working directly with the product manufacturer. While this isn’t something the manufacturer intended their product for, our implementation meets all the specified application criteria and looks to be an extremely efficient solution for new construction air sealing. Our background in building science led us down the road to discovery and now the manufacturer has joined forces with us and is looking at adding a new product line based on our innovative use of their coating system.

We are always innovating and love the challenge of making a increasing efficiency while decreasing waste. If you are having a home built or an addition made to your existing structure, it is worth your time to give us a call. We can start saving you money right out of the box.  (360) 515-0166