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At Echo Energy, LLC we offer an array of services designed to help the home or small business owner save money through energy efficiency as well as earning rebates through incentive based programs.

We provide Blower Door Testing, Thermal Imaging, Duct Testing, Duct Sealing/Insulation/Replacement, Air Sealing, Insulation and Rodent Exclusion.

We offer these services homeowners, property management companies and businesses throughout the greater Thurston County, Lewis and Pierce County area.


Duct sealing is often the most cost effective way to improve the efficiency and comfort of your home.  The benefits are threefold.  On average 25-40% of the heating or cooling energy is lost through leaking ductwork.  Ducting is also responsible for large swings in the air pressure of the interior. Read more


The attic is the place most susceptible to air leakage so this is the place to start.  Warm air is rising and leaving through many avenues like: top plates, electrical and plumbing penetrations, open chases around chimneys or plumbing, built in features like closets, cabinets, coves, and lastly can lights. Read more


To go along with a complete pressure boundary, an efficient home needs a complete thermal boundary as well.  The thermal boundary is the insulation that covers the top, bottom and sides.


Believe it or not, rodents are big nuisance in our little area of the Pacific Northwest.  A small gap or broken screen is all they need to get their sharp teeth and industrious spirits into your crawlspace.  The floor insulation provides plenty of nesting material and the ducting is a warm superhighway.