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Duct Sealing
  Duct Sealing is often the most cost effective way to improve the efficiency and comfort of your home.  The benefits are threefold.  On average 25-40% of the heating or cooling energy is lost through leaking ductwork.  Ducting is also responsible for large swings in the air pressure of the interior.  These swings have can have a very negative affect on air leakage rates and combustion appliances.  Finally a duct seal will help indoor air quality.  Leaky return ducts can pull pollutants into your home from your attic, crawl space, basement or garage.

Duct Insulation
Duct Insulation is needed when uninsulated ducts run through unconditioned spaces as they lose a large percentage of their capacity to transfer heating or cooling energy.  These unconditioned spaces are normally in attics or crawlspaces which are close to the outdoor temperature.  Insulating the ducting ensures that the energy spent in conditioning the air gets into the space where it is intended.From time to time in a duct’s life it needs to be replaced.  Be it poor installation, poor design or rodents, we are here to help it through this difficult time.  A duct system that is properly designed and installed is key to proper equipment life, performance and comfort.